NC Servo Roll Feeder

Quality product for coil feeding in Press Feeding Lines
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NC Servo Feeder
(Normal Speed)
NC Servo Zig Zag Feeder
zig Zag Feed Saves Material Cost For
Round Components Upto 8%
  Control Panel
  • Aanti Backlash Gearbox is used for beter accuracy higher torque.
  The accuracy is made by a double measuring system servomotor resolver + measuring wheel on sheet.

Press Room in their endure to bring latest technology for feeder, have brought NC Servo Roll feeder technology for presses in year 2001. Today with installation in various part of country to handle strip width from 100 mm to 1250 mm & thickness from 0.1 mm to 12.00 mm fully programmable units have be interlinked with small / medium / large presses.

Various models have been manufactured & following standards models are available in short deliveries.

FEATURES of Servo Roll feed
High Speed Press Feeding Line for Electrical Lamination
200mm(w) X .5mm (thk) x 1000kg - 40mtr./min
Decoiler, Precision Straightner, NC Servo Feeder
  • Stabilized Steel frame construction
  • Gear driven upper Roll with anti-backlash features to ensure non-slip, positive feeding
  • Quick adjustment for stock thickness
  • Finished Rolls
  • Permanently sealed precision Roll Bearings, no lubrication required
  • Low Inertia Timing Sheaves with reinforced Gear Belt
  • Roll release Actuation Level that adapts to either Mechanical or Pneumatic Pilot Release
  • Entry Support Rolls / Cascade Rolls
  • Individually adjustable Roller stock guides
  • Roll Release Lever for Strip insertion;
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket with Transition Plate & Jack Screw for press line adjustment + 50mm;
  • Exit anti-buckle Stock Bridge.    
  • High Performance brushless Servo Drive (From International Source)
  • Low inertia, brush less AC Servo motor with high energy;
  • Precision incremental Optical Encoder (In built) to provide velocity & position loop feed back.
  • Industrial
  • Hardened Terminal : Easy-to-read solid state Interface Terminal display area with a backlit 4 line display, sealed membrane keypad with tactile feedback.
  • User Friendly Interface : The Interface Terminal directs the operator with clear, descriptive message in plain English. Pressing the Help Key While in different screens directs the operator with instructions on how to change parameters or look at information. Different modes off operation cab be selected as well as jogging forward or reverse in manual mode.
  • Batch counting : The operator chooses the number of parts to make and the Interface Terminal will display a message when the count is reached. Up to 999,999.
  • Advanced Feed-Angle Monitoring : Continually monitors the feed-angle and the material position.
  • Compact electronic Control Enclosure with built-in Operation Panel that can be easily adapted for press mounting or used as a freestanding console.


  • Accuracy to ± 0.025mm roll position is achieved through, closed-loop servo control and precision gearing.
  • When connected to the press control. advanced diagnostic protect machinery and dies by automatically stopping the press if a fault is detected.
  • On-Screen message displayed in English.
  • Smoother feeder operations with controlled acceleration profiles.
  • Up to 99 parts can be pre-programmed by part number, each having unique length, feed rate, acceleration and jerk configuration.
  • Multiple cycle choices-feed before press, press before feed, or intermittent operations - allow the user to set up the roll feed specific to his needs.
  • Input Power: 230/ 415V, 3 Phase. No Transformer Required.


  • Coil stock Lubrication System.
  • Programmable Rotary Limit Switch for Setting of the Safe Feed and Pilot Release Windows, with digital crank rotation position and Press Speed Indicator consult Factory.
  • Adjustable Pilot Release Cam Pin for mounting to press ram
  • Pneumatic roll release for pilot release.
  • Proximity sensor to initiate feed cycle instead of limit switch.
  • Screw Adjustable Press Mounting Bracket.
  • Hydraulic Jack Press Mounting Bracket.
  • Special Roll Finish.
  • Pull-Through Straightener.
  • Remote Pendant with Forward and Reverse Jog Push Buttons.
  • Additional measuring wheel on strip for measurement.
Multi Press With Multi - Feed Machine (Space/ Time/ Money Saver)
This is special application where two and more press/ marking/ stamping/ tapping units are syncronised with NC roll feed having multi feed facility with PLC logic. It has selection of manual mode and automatic mode. This configuration can produce flexible sheet metal components without need of long progressive tool or separate individual operations. Any kind of small! big batch can easily be produced as once programed you only have to load correct material and recall correct part number and feed desired batch size. This system can have further integration with roll forming for producing finished products.
• In MANUAL MODE Each Press & Servo Feed can be operated using individual push button on the control    panel. Indicating lamp   would be provided for displaying state of Feeder & Presses.
• In AUTO MODE, anyone of the program can be selected & on pressing START button, the whole program    is executed with 50 steps. The   program    can be edited. The display would show the machine status &    feed parameters.
• Any Station can be operated in any sequence with reference to Roll Feed position.
• Also Roll Feed can have any indexing length in reference to operation of each Station Single /Jointly.
• The system can store 100 programs each with 50 steps. The programming would have
• Max. Speed of Material. )
• Max. Acceleration of Roll Feed.
• UP & DOWN timing of Punching Presses.
• Length setting of Each indexing.
• Decoiler-Straightener-Drive & Loop Programming.
• Job No./Edit/Set-up/Run Mode.
Transformer Lamination Punching, Notching & Variable cut to Length Line

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